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Kiera Greenwood

Kiera is a wife, and mother of two young girls. She loves writing about alternative energy initiatives, and how they can truly change the world.

About Us

When people think of solar power the first images that usually come to mind are those of sunshine. That's why we set up shop here in California. The gorgeous sunny days here makes it an ideal place for solar power. Not only is there a tremendous opportunity for us as a business here, there's also a tremendous opportunity to effect positive change on a large scale. Are we in business to make money? Of course, we are, if we weren't then we would have started a charity instead of an actual business. But is making money the only thing we value? Absolutely not, if it was then we wouldn't operate with the standards and guidelines that ensure we treat our customers and the environment with the utmost respect.

When you are making the decision to have a solar power system installed in your home it is a big commitment. We recognize that and that's a big reason why we have a no pressure approach to doing business. We are confident that we offer the best equipment, the best prices, and an overall experience that really can't be beaten. That's why we don't try the hard sell with anyone, our reputation speaks for itself. You can look around at any of our so called competitors and when you really take a hard look at them you will see that we are clearly the best choice. It's not only about being the cheapest company, even though our prices are fantastic. It's about providing great value. Our equipment is designed to last, and we install it to ensure it will. If you want a solar power system that will save you money and serve you well for years to come, then you've come to the right place.


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