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Going solar in Palm Desert is something that many individuals, as well as businesses, have done after they learned about the many benefits that solar power provides to them. The Sun is an abundant an inexhaustible source of energy so finding ways to harvest that energy in places where there is ample sunlight makes sense on many levels. If you live in or have a business in Palm Desert, CA then you can probably attest to the fact that this is a region that gets a lot of sunlight. That makes it an ideal location for solar power. Whether you are in it for the money it will save you, or you are wanting to do your part to help save the planet, taking advantage of solar energy in Palm Desert just makes sense. On top of everything else the cost of solar panel installation in Palm Desert is more affordable than ever before due to advances in solar panel technology... 

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Solar Services

Types Of Solar Energy Services We Offer

Residential Solar Panels

Home Solar

One of the primary services we offer is residential solar panels for your home. If you are interested in solar panel installation in Palm Valley, then you have come to the right place. We specialize in designing the type of residential solar power systems that will exceed your expectations. We can design a solar system for your home that will handle virtually all of your energy needs. That means that you will not only lock in your rates today, it also means in the future you will basically be getting free electricity... 

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Commercial Solar In Palm Desert California

Commercial Solar

On top of specializing in residential solar energy in Palm Desert, our team of experts can also help you with any commercial solar needs you may have. The potential savings that your business can enjoy by having a solar power system really are quite remarkable. Since the energy needs for a business will be much higher than they would for a home, you need a system designed with this in mine Fortunately we can help you with this since our expertise covers large scale solar power systems as well...

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Solar Panel Installer

Solar Panel Installation

On top of designing and installing solar power systems that we design, we also offer solar panel installations to existing systems. If you chose a solar company besides us for your initial installation, and now need more panels added or repair work done, we can take care of that for you as well. Simply put we are your one stop shop for any solar power needs that you have for your home or business.

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Have you been hesitant In The Past When Considering Going Solar, read on to find out why it's never been a better time to GO SOLAR!

One thing that you need to know is that not all solar power companies are the same. Right now solar power is a booming industry, which means that for successful businesses there is a lot of money to be made. With all of that money out there that means that there are a lot of companies that are going to be fighting for your business. Unfortunately many of these companies are more interested in the bottom line than they are in actually helping their customers. Many of companies that provide solar in Palm Desert will pressure you to try to get you to commit to them. What you need to do to make sure you are getting the best solar energy in Palm Desert is to take a moment to weigh your options. Do a little research and think about what your goals are. When you are ready we invite you to contact us so we can show you why we are the best company that offers solar energy in Palm Desert..


How Does Solar In Palm Desert Save You Money?

One of the main reasons that people hesitate when it comes to going solar is the sticker shock involved. Solar panel installation and solar panel manufacturing are not cheap. So when you look at an estimate with a big dollar amount involved it's only natural to feel a little nervous. What you need to realize though is that while you are taking on more debt when you buy your solar power system, you will actually be saving money on a monthly basis. How does this work?

when you finance a solar power system you are going to be taking on debt and a monthly payment. But what a lot of people don't realize is that it won't make your monthly expenses go up because this payment is essentially taking the place of your electric bill. You will still have to pay a small fee to remain connected to the grid, but the combination of this fee and your monthly payment on your solar energy system will almost always be lower than your typical electric bill. On top of that electricity rates are constantly going up, with solar energy you are locking in your payment. A further added bonus is that buying a solar power system and making payments on it is that one day those payments end. Then you have free electricity! In contrast when you just rely on the power grid your payments go on forever, and on top of that they also increase over time.

While the prospect of one day having electricity that is free is very appealing to most people, some people would still prefer a solar energy option that does not entail them taking on a lot of debt. While it is almost always more advantageous to buy your solar power system, if you would prefer to rent it instead we can do that as well. When you rent your solar power system you will never be able to pay it off, but you can usually expect your payments to be a little less than they would be if you were financing your solar system. So while you may not be able to pay off your solar system and then enjoy free electricity, you will be able to enjoy lower monthly electric costs for as long as you leave the solar system for.

How We Make Solar Energy In Palm Desert Right For You

Whether you are looking for home solar in Palm Desert, or you are looking for solar power for your business, we are committed to helping you to get through the process quickly and efficiently. We are also committed to making sure that no matter what your goals are that you will be thrilled with the results we get for you. If you aren't happy then we aren't happy. In fact,we are confident that if you take the time to research us you will find that virtually every customer we have ever had will have nothing to but great things to say about us. If you are curious about how the whole process works we will detail the steps below that will happen when you decide that we are the best solar energy option for you in Palm Desert.

1. The first thing that we will need to do after you contact us is to figure out what type of solar power system you are going to need. Our goal is always to provide you with a solar power system that offers you the best value.Ideally,we will design a solar power system for you that actually provides all of your energy needs. You may be wondering how we can use solar energy to provide all of your electricity needs since the Sun doesn't shine at night. The way we do this is through a process called net metering.Basically, we design a solar power system that will produce more electricity than you will need. The extra energy that is generated is fed into the power grid earning you bill credits. Then when you need to draw power from the grid those credits will be applied to your account.

The way we determine your electricity needs is by first taking a look at your electric bill. We will look at your electric bill and see what your usage is year round. It's common to have lower electric bills during the winter and higher in the summer, and that is especially true when looking at solar energy in Palm Desert. After we determine how much power you need we will next need to inspect your roof to see if it is suitable for solar panel installation. We will make sure that it is structurally sound, then we will map out your roof to find the best places to install solar panels on. After all of that is finished we can give you a firm quote so you know exactly how much your final cost will be, and how much you will pay on a monthly basis as well.

2. After we have determined your power needs and planned out your solar energy system the last step in the process is installation. Solar panel installation in Palm Desert is one of our specialties which means the process should be quick and painless for you. We make every effort to have as much done as possible before we have to shut off your electricity, this means that you are inconvenienced as little as possible. In fact the only thing you really have to do regarding the installation process is to be home or have an adult that can make decisions home when we start work at your house.


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